Welfare to Work

Communication Employment Professionals (CEP’s)

TLS provides an employment support service for Deaf people, in partnership with Prime Contractors across the UK delivering on Welfare to Work Programmes such as Work Programme and Work Choice.

Working with us means that you can be confident your service is fully accessible and with our model of employment support for Deaf people your customers are supported back into sustained employment.

We do this by supplying Communication Employment Professionals (CEP’s) who are qualified Communication Professionals with employment advisor skills and knowledge. As well as providing your staff and Deaf customers with communication support, our CEP’s will add value by working in partnership with you to deliver a range of job-seeking activities.

We work with you to facilitate appointments between you and your Deaf customer and can also offer 1:1 or group support to the individuals on your project.

TLS provide a full range of services to Deaf people to support them on their journey before, during and after employment.
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