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Meet the Team

Cassandra Topp

Founder and Managing Director

Cass is the founder and Managing Director of Topp Language Solutions. She is a passionate leader, always looking for ways to expand the business and deliver the highest standards to clients. Cass leads the marketing of our company, engaging new clients across all sectors. She is a busy mum of two but still finds time to hit the gym and pursue her passion for Latin dancing.

Tracey Broadbent

Operations Director

Tracey is our Operations Director and lead Consultant. She works directly with our clients and has established a creative team who produce BSL videos and green screen BSL videos. Tracey also leads on the delivery of training. When not at work Tracey loves living in the countryside and likes gardening and growing vegetables. Trips to London to the theatre are also a favourite.

Florence Ingram

In House Interpreter

Florence Ingram (affectionately known as Flo) is the talent in the team. Flo works with us as an in-house interpreter 2 days a week. Flo is very highly qualified and is a great support to many of our service users. She works closely with our creative team on BSL video production and travels across Yorkshire and Lancashire delivering assignments in every context imaginable. When she is not working Flo loves Family time, and likes a boogie especially if Motown or Northern Soul are involved. She's also a member of a Signing choir.

Jayne Brown

Finance Officer

Jayne is our Finance Officer but started with us as a bookings team member and also covered DSA, so she is very handy indeed. To prove this she is now assisting in BSL video production and is also a part of the creative team. When Jayne is not in work she loves going for walks with her HUGE dog Ely. Jayne is a true karate expert - so don't mess with her!

Stephen Brown

Deaf Support Services Lead and Bookings Co-ordinator

Stephen is our lead on Deaf Support Services, regularly interacting with service users and helping to make sense of hospital appointments, energy bills and insurance claims amongst many other perplexing challenges. Stephen is also a member of the bookings team supporting the delivery of assignments across all sectors. When not at work, Stephen enjoys spending time with family, board games and watching a variety of films and TV shows.

Pene Hayward

Bookings Co-ordinator

Pene (pronounced Penny) takes the lead on our DSA portfolio and supports students across multiple locations and subjects. Pene is also a member of the bookings team and works with many clients and interpreters to deliver hundreds of assignments each month. Pene is a committed fan of Snoopy, which is evidenced by her amazing Snoopy wardrobe. When not at work Pene loves concerts, spending time with her family, buying Doc Martens and swimming.

Oliver Leech

Bookings & Registration Assistant

Oli manages the registration database and seeks out skilled interpreters and Deaf support to add to our network. When he escapes from the office, Oli likes hiking and camping, board games and indie and rap music. He's been known to enjoy a glass of cider too.

Dory Broadbent

Topp Dog

Dory is without a doubt Topp dog. She is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a White Alsatian, and joins us at the office a couple of days a week. Whilst we don't let her on the keyboards or the phones, she helps by offering a paw now and again and making sure we are all okay. When not in the office Dory enjoys chasing pheasants, running after tennis balls and supervising two kittens.