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Needing to access healthcare services can be a worrying and anxious experience for any of us. For Deaf patients it can present numerous barriers, with online appointments systems, automated appointment and telephone bookings creating significant barriers to accessing services.

We work in close partnership with trusts, CCGs, private healthcare providers and hospices to ensure the needs of the patient are central to care. We offer a wraparound service that enables patients and their interpreters to prepare for the appointment, maintain continuity through tests and consultations and have that all important ‘catch-up’ time at the close of the assignment to go over any aspect of the visit that needs to be re-iterated.

We work with trusts on accessible information, including BSL information videos, documentation and buildings audits to increase access and comfort for Deaf patients.

Our experience in a broad range of health settings over a number of years has enabled us to establish a great reputation across GP, community health services, mental health, outpatients, maternity and accident and emergency departments.

Thank you all for your continued support as always, but especially throughout the last couple of years in the most difficult of times for all.

Steve Backhouse

Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust