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A note-taker works with Deaf people who are comfortable reading English. Note-takers are trained to take notes for Deaf people in meetings, on courses, or at other events.

Why do Deaf people need a note taker? Because during a presentation they will need to focus on the speaker or interpreter to access the communication and therefore cannot take notes.

Our skilled, experienced note-takers are NRCPD registered and can support you in any domain. Our trained note-takers arrive prepared and ready to support you. Our note-takers can be flexible and will write notes in a way that suits you. You can choose to use a manual or electronic note-taker.

Manual Note-takers

Manual note-takers can write a comprehensive summary of your lecture, meeting, conference or other event by hand.

You will receive a scanned copy of the notes immediately after the event, with a typed version to follow if requested.

Electronic Note-takers

Electronic note-takers that can type a detailed summary of what was said at your meeting which can enhance your ability to follow presentation content.

We are able to give you a first draft of the notes straight away by email. These notes will be a comprehensive reflection of the event. We can provide fully edited notes a few hours later.

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