British Sign Language (BSL) Interpreters

NRCPD / RBSLI / ITI Registered

British Sign Language is a visual language with a distinct grammar, vocabulary and structure. One of the most widely used methods of communication that Deaf people use is signed communication.

BSL/English interpreters are able to facilitate communication between Deaf and hearing people.

We have a team of in-house qualified BSL Interpreters and an extensive network of registered freelance BSL interpreters who can interpret in any domain required.

We ensure that all our interpreters are:

and that’s not all, as well as being experienced and professional, the interpreters we provide are friendly and easy to work with too!

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Sign Supported English (SSE) Interpreters

NRCPD /RBSLI / ITI Registered

Deaf people who have a better grasp of English may prefer to have a literal translation word for word of the speaker, requiring signs that follow the English structure more closely.

All of our interpreters are able to adjust and modify their BSL skills to match anyone requesting specific Signed Supported English interpreting.

Let us know and we’ll find the right interpreter for you!

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Event Interpreting Support

Are you organising an event with six or more Interpreters? TLS will provide an Event Interpreting Support service.

An experienced member of our team will accompany the group and act as your main contact on the day, they will ensure all interpreters are at the correct place at the correct time, and will monitor shifts and breaks.

We understand how stressful events can be for organisers, and by supporting you on the day, we hope to make things a little easier.

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