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A note-taker works with Deaf people who are comfortable reading English. Note-takers are trained to take notes for Deaf people in meetings, on courses, or at other events.

Our note-takers can be flexible and will write notes in a way that suits you.

TLS’s skilled, friendly note-takers can support you in any domain. Our trained note-takers arrive prepared and ready to support you.

You can choose to use a Manual or Electronic Note-taker.

Manual Note-takers

TLS can provide you with trained manual note-takers that can write a comprehensive summary of your lecture, meeting, conference or other event by hand.

You will receive a scanned copy of the notes immediately after the event, with a typed version to follow if requested.

Electronic Note-takers

TLS can provide you with trained electronic note-takers that can type a detailed summary of what was said at your meeting which can allow you to follow and interact with what’s going on.

We are able to give you a first draft of the notes straight away by e-mail or on a USB stick. These notes will be a comprehensive summary of the event.

We can provide fully edited notes a few hours later.

We can also produce a transcript of the event to match your specification. Full transcripts are usually delivered within 24 hours of the meeting although turnaround of transcripts immediately following the event can be provided if required.

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